Monday, May 5, 2014

:: Counting Days. Again. ::

Counting days?
Apehal pulak ni kan?
Jeng jeng jeng....

(photo credit to Google)
Sebab malas nk snap gmbar sonogram sendiri,
I Google jer.

I was confirmed pregnant few weeks after the wedding.
Orang kata bunting pelamin.
Entah ler..

Rezeki awal, kami terima.
So that's what I'm counting now.
Counting days till my little bundle of joy comes to see the world.
Kalau ikutkan, due is on the 17th of May 2014.
Now dah 5th May.
So, memang tengah tunggu masa nak meletop je la den ni haa..

Since I don't know when will I update again here,
I'm using this opportunity to ask for forgiveness from everyone.
Minta tolong semua doakan semuanya selamat,
both me and the baby.
InsyaAllah, nantikan gambar baby pulak yer?


:: Married! ::

MasyaAllah! Lama nye tak hapdet ye?
Last was before the wedding.
Nampak tak betapa sibuk nye diri ini. 
Alhamdulillah, now we have been married for almost 9 months.
Here's some of the photos of the preparation, solemnization and reception.

Berinai & Preparations:

Engagement & Solemnization:


Alhamdulillah, things went very smooth and well that day. 
Sorry for the long post.
But hey, I didn't ask you to read it.